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"A MIRROR OF NATURE: Nordic Landscape Painting, 1840-1910"

A Mirror of NatureThis beautiful, hardcover "coffee table" book illustrates and describes the exciting "A Mirror of Nature" Scandinavian art exhibition held in Minneapolis in the summer of 2007 after showings in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Its 312 pages contain many full-color gorgeous photographs of famous paintings from the national galleries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Fascinating information about the artists and their work is presented in English. Just as the exhibition's paintings reflect the very special scenery of Scandinavia, the book mirrors the collection.

The book will appeal to those who saw the exhibition as well as those who were not able to do so. Published in Scandinavia, the book is the official catalog of the exhibition and is considered to be a first edition. When current supplies are exhausted, there are no plans to reprint this wonderful treasure.

Thousands thronged to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts exhibit, the only showing in the United States. The exhibition also drew crowds of enthralled viewers at its previous showings in Stockholm, Helsinki and Oslo. Following the Minneapolis venue, the exhibition moved to Copenhagen.

The overall objective of this cooperative project among the major art museums of Scandinavia and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts was to demonstrate the strength of that which unites countries in common--Nordic culture--to accentuate the individuality of the countries and their characteristics. It is anticipated that the project will lead to continuing collaborations among the participants.

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