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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I order?

Simply email, call, fax, write or visit Norway Art (appointments, at your convenience). We do have some items available for purchase online. See Ordering Page on this website.

2. How do I pay?

Provide your VISA or MasterCard number and expiration date, or send a check or money order payable to Norway Art. USD only please. Minnesota residents add 7 % sales tax. FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING OF PAPER PRINTS in mainland USA! Some items are available for online ordering by credit card or PayPal account through PayPal. See Ordering Page on this website.

3. How are prints shipped?

A FREE service of Norway Art to US customers purchasing paper prints in the contiguous 48 states, shipping is by United States Postal Service or UPS. Priority mail is the usual choice. If preferred by the customer, or if the order is very large, other delivery methods (FederalExpress, etc.) or overnight/express services are paid by the customer.

Carefully-rolled prints are placed in sturdy mailing tubes---this is the most secure and dependable packaging method, in our experience.

4. How are paintings shipped?

Paintings are professionally packed and shipped via UPS Ground, unless the customer specifies other methods. International shipping may use FedEx, UPS, or other carriers. The cost of packing and shipping paintings is paid by the customer.

5. When can I expect the print shipment?

Most prints are in stock at Norway Art in Minneapolis, so you may expect them to be shipped within one week. If special orders or re-orders from Norway are necessary, you may expect that they would usually be shipped to you from Minneapolis within four weeks.

6. Do you have prints that are not shown on this web site?

Ja, there are many prints that are available for your selection. The 4-page, 8.5 x 11" full-color catalog shows thumbnail pictures of 42 prints, and it includes a list of titles, artists' names and dates, and prices. Catalog is $5. In addition, there are many other prints available. Contact us for information or tell us what you are looking for.

7. Where are the prints manufactured?

Most of the prints are made in Europe by Norwegian publishers. A few prints are published in the United States.

8. Canvas transfers?

Canvas transfers are available for any of the prints, large or small. Miniaturized prints transferred to canvas and mounted on stretchers are a practical and beautiful choice. Called, "oilettes", these small pieces of art are easy to display on a tabletop easel or framed and placed on the wall. Contact us for a list of available "oilettes" and current prices on them.

9. What is the price range for prints?

Open edition prints range in price from $11 to $90. Limited edition prints range from $90 to $300-400. Contact us for current prices of Oilettes. For larger prints, there is a separate charge for canvas transfer.

10. What is the difference between "open edition" and "limited edition" prints?

Open edition prints are manufactured in quantities and will usually be available in the future. Limited edition prints are printed in a pre-determined number of prints and after that number is printed, the original wood block, for example, is destroyed and no more prints are made from it. These limited edition pieces of art are usually signed or initialed by the artists, dated, and numbered (3/100, for example, would mean that a particular print is the third one that was printed out of a series limited to 100 prints).

11. Do you carry posters, new or vintage?

Yes, posters are available. Please contact us for a list of subjects and prices.

12. How can I find out about original art that is available for sale?

Please contact us for a list of oil, acrylic or watercolor paintings, or the limited edition prints. We can discuss your interests and needs and provide photographs. Most of the paintings are from Norway and show Norwegian subjects, but there usually are a few Danish and Swedish paintings, as well.

13. Do you have a gallery that may be visited?

Yes, Velkommen/Welcome! We need a phone call or email contact to set up a time for you to visit, at your convenience. Then we can give you directions and info on free parking, etc.

14. How long have you been in business and where have you been located in the past?

We celebrated 30 years in business in 2009! Established in 1979 in Minneapolis, the present gallery has been located in leased space in the International Sons of Norway Headquarters Building in the Uptown area of Minneapolis since 2001. Prior to that time, it was located in downtown Minneapolis, in the Sexton Building.

15. Is the art material copyrighted?

Yes, strict copyright laws are followed. The Norwegian manufacturers hold the copyright on prints that they manufacture; Norway Art holds the copyright on its publications and the company name "Norway Art" is a registered trademark. Museums, galleries, artists and their families hold the rights to original paintings in their possession. The images on this website may not be reproduced.

16. Will you send out prints or paintings on approval? If not, what is the return policy?

Prints and paintings are not sent out on approval because most people want to buy merchandise that is in new, mint condition. As careful as people would be, there is a chance that unforeseen damage could occur. The return policy is that if previous authorization is given by us because a shipment arrived damaged, and the original packing is retained and returned, then insurance claims will be submitted and full refund will be made.

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