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They painted Norway book by Arvid Bryne"THEY PAINTED NORWAY: Glimpses of Norwegian nature and Norwegian artists"
by Arvid Bryne (trans. Jean Aase).


"They Painted Norway" beautifully portrays the magnificent landscapes of Norway in photos of paintings with detailed descriptions in English. This book from Norway is colorful, interesting, and informative. It holds memorable glimpses of Norwegian nature and Norwegian artists. A beautiful presentation of the magnificent landscapes of Norway, from the gentle mildness of the southern coast to the wild beauty of the North Cape. Much of Norwegian pictorial art is of world-class quality, and many Norwegian artists have gained International fame - Edvard Munch, J.C. Dahl, Fritz Thaulow, Peder Balke, Adolph Tidemand, Hans Gude, and Harald Sohlberg are among the most well-known. They found inspiration and subjects for their art in a country whose spectacular scenery attracts visitors from all over the world. The book includes fascinating one-page descriptions about the artists' lives and highlights the areas of Norway where they lived and worked. The areas are marked on small Norwegian map images so the reader may readily identify them. It would be undoubtfully difficult to find better descriptions of Norway's natural beauty.

This book will become a classic for people interested in Norway. It combines art history, geography, Norwegian nature and interesting stories in a compact format. Nicolai Astrup's cherished painting "Kari" on the cover transports one to springtime in Jølster where Astrup lived. The clearly written text makes the book suitable for older children as well as adults; it should inspire conversation and further study.

Information about the painters is accurate and the photographs of paintings are fine reproductions. The international appeal of the book is confirmed by the publication of new translations in Italian and German.

Giftable--collectible--an attractive addition to coffee table or book shelf!

Hard cover, 71 pages, 8 x 9 1/2" format.
Publisher: Andresen & Butenschøn, Oslo
Price: $75 plus sales tax in Minnesota (7%) and s/h.

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